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Who are the models?

Cracking Day by the Pool, by Peter Luti

One of most common things I hear when people walk past this painting is 'Look, Mary. It's me you and Barb!'

Many people ask me 'who would pose for such a painting?'

Who indeed. 

About a million years ago (or so it feels), I had recently returned to Scotland from a gap year travelling the world, beach by beach, following the summer, making new friends, memories and life experiences. And boy did I party too. 

Ah, the parties....

Anyway, so on my return I was very slender, bronzed and quite a bit more grown up than when I left. Meanwhile at home, my dad (Peter Luti) had been painting and selling furiously, so much so that he'd chucked the day job and now considered himself a full time artist. 

All things considered, when he asked me to pose for a series of beach figurative paintings I jumped at the chance and willingly stripped off to my trusty bikini and arranged myself in several suitably sophisticated 'I am a woman of the world' poses for what was to be my debut into the world of life modelling, forever to be captured serenely by the graceful touch of soft pastel palette, atmospheric lighting and flattering brushwork executed by the hand of a gentle painter and devoted father. 


This is what I got. 

So there you have it. All three of these woman are me, taken from sketches made years ago when I was a skinny. 

Thanks dad, you git. 

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