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Galleria Luti - Contemporary Scottish Art


Galleria Luti is owned and managed by the mother and daughter team of Sandie and Marsha Luti who opened the gallery in August 2006. Both Marsha and Sandie were lucky enough to be brought up in extremely art-oriented families and when the opportunity arose to open Callander's first dedicated original art gallery, both welcomed the idea.


With the help of husband and father, Peter Luti's connections in the art world Galleria Luti opened with an impressive company of exhibiting artists, and the collective 'family' of artists who regularly exhibit has flourished since. Galleria Luti is also proud to have offered a platform to several new artists who are gaining in popularity and recognition.



In August 2006, 16 Ancaster Square had a major transformation from residential house, to purpose designed open-plan gallery space. Since then, Galleria Luti has exhibited original art from numerous Scottish artists both reknowned, established and newer up-and-coming talent.

What We are About:

We believe that art should be accessible and enjoyed by all. We welcome visitors to view current exhibitions of quality work created right here in Scotland. We try to keep our artists as local as possible, and most of our exhibitors are based within an hour and a half's drive of the gallery.


Marsha Luti - Scottish art gallery owner

Marsha Luti

Having been submerged in the arts from a very young age, Marsha Luti studied a combined arts degree in Glasgow, specialising in environmental art and graduating with a first-class honors degree in 2002. Since opening Galleria Luti with Sandie, Marsha has developed her own artistic style and technique in various media and is currently focusing on figurative pastel work.


Marsha also likes to keep her parents busy by having kids for them to look after (no.3 is a delight! The first two are pretty wild, and Marsha is under STRICT instructions from her dad not to have any more).

Sandie Luti - Scottish art gallery owner

Sandie Luti

Sandie Luti was brought up in a creatively inspiring family, whose father was an exceptionally talented portrait artist. Sandie's professional career spanned years in adult education, whilst always having a keen interest in the arts having married an artist. Sandie has recently dipped her toe into the world of watercolours and makes excellent sandwich shapes for toddlers.


Sandie has a particular interest in unique and unusual jewellery and has an earring collection of epic proportions.

Peter Luti - contemporary Scottish artist

Peter Luti

Peter Luti is very well known in artistic circles having lectured in art education for some 25 years. Originally a ceramics graduate, Peter discovered his talent for exceptional landscape painting whilst working as Head of Expressive Arts, Glasgow University and took early retirement to concentrate solely on his creative development. Although proclaiming to be 'just another exhibiting artist' with Galleria Luti, he is an integral part of the gallery team and contributes to everything from hanging exhibitions to fixing broken radiators. Peter can usually be found having breakfast out with his pals around Callander. 

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