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Contemporary Scottish Art and Music

When I opened Galleria Luti way back in 2006 I knew that music would play an important role in the exhibitions. I studied a combined arts degree in Glasgow, specialising in visual art but also incorporating studies in music, so have a deep love for both.

I wanted music that would compliment the art on show in the gallery without interfering or distracting from the visuals, and so decided to create my own..... I sat at my piano and just let whatever wanted to come out do just that. I usually picture a particular piece or an artist's collection while I'm playing and often am surprised by the direction taken.

I think without realising it, the influence of being exposed to the arts in everyday life for my children has had a lasting impact.... they love to fall asleep to piano music and all have a keen interest in creating their own artworks.

In my opinion the creative arts go hand in hand with each other.... art, music and dance are so intrinsically linked. You can have such an enhanced experienced of one when paired with another, and I am forever grateful that I can be surrounded by the beauty of art everyday.... a real inspiration!


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