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George Birrell - Stunning new paintings

George Birrell - Lobster Pots and Nets

George Birrell has long been established as one of the most recognisable contemporary Scottish artists. His paintings regularly exploit the imagery of the East Neuk of Fife's east coast architecture and they are popular because they are unmistakably Scottish. His father came from that area and when he goes east he feels he is ‘coming home'. He likes the west coast but for him the west coast colour palette and aesthetics are too lush, green and verdant.

When George was dropping off his new work, I was surprised when he said that his production output had dropped dramatically, and he was very much enjoying working longer on individual paintings, concentrating his efforts intently on each piece to get them exactly right. As a result he has cut back fairly dramatically on the number of galleries he now works with. It is absolutely fantastic that he has kept Galleria Luti on as one of only a small handful of galleries who are now lucky enough to exhibit his work. Thank you George!!

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