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Hand Crafted fine silver necklace.
Each piece of jewellery is hand crafted by Tamara and may appear slightly different to the photo.

Tamara Dixon ~ Tai - Lotus Bracelet 5841

  • Tamara Dixon comes from a long line of jewellers & watchmakers.
    After having lived in Zimbabwe where she went to school. She moved to the UK in 1999 where she continued her studies of Gemmology .
    In 2004 she moved to Australia where she studied Jewellery manufacture & object design. Tamara achieved her Advanced diploma in 2008 and started her own jewellery design & manufacturing business.
    Tamara Dixon Jewellery Quote:

    My inspiration comes from combining my European and African backgrounds. My designs have shifted away from the emphasis of wealth and status that traditional jewellery offers, to an exploration of the simplicity of forms. In my design work, this is embodied aesthetically through the repetition of simple forms to create complex designs. I concentrate on the ancient technique of chain making. I work exclusively in fine silver, for the purity of the metal and the durability it affords. All designs can be produced in other metals to suit the client’s needs. Along with traditional designs, my contemporary chain designs tend to show more of my African heritage and incorporate texturing and weaving metal techniques. These ranges have been extended to include contemporary materials such as rubber, anodised aluminium and anodised niobium to add some colour to the pieces.

  • Occasionally jewellery appears slightly different from the photo on the website. This is why we have an exchange policy that lasts 14 full days following the purchase of a piece from our gallery. Purchases can be exchanged for goods or store credit only. No refunds will be issued.

    When returning a gallery purchase through the post, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs and the safe arrival of pieces. Exchanges can be made in the gallery at no charge.

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