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oil on canvas

60cm x 60cm image size
Wide cream Frame and white slip


Please note this is a large piece and is therefor not optimal for postage. Collection is recommended for this piece.







Jim Wylie - Arran from Straad

  • Jim Wylie, a native of Glasgow, is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art where he studied Drawing and Painting under such prominent figures as Willie Armour, Geoff Squires, Sinclair Thomson, and Duncan Shanks. The grounding he received in composition and in colour in the true Glasgow tradition has remained a mainstay of his work.

    Wylie exhibits continually in a variety of private galleries across Scotland, with work also widely available in cards and in print. He is a member of Paisley Art Institute and contributes regularly to the annual exhibition, one of the largest of its kind outside Glasgow or Edinburgh, where he has been awarded prizes on three occasions.

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