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Large scratched/frosted sterling silver curve ring.

Gracie J - Curve Ring


    Jackie Selcraig is a self-taught jewellery designer based in the Scottish Borders. She launched her brand in 2006 and has enjoyed eight years of consistent growth. Alongside her flagship jewellery company, Gracie J, she has also launched another brand Modjool, in 2012.

    Modjool is a system of very modern statement jewellery, that features three distinct modular ranges, which can be worn individually, mixed and matched or combined magnetically. The wearer can adapt the appearance by simply changing colour, shape, size, material or style, all within the same jewellery collection. The materials used include colourful plastic tubing, silver, magnetic fasteners, aluminium and some rather familiar ceramic beads.

  • Occassionally jewellery appears slightly different from the photo on the website. This is why we have an exchange policy that lasts 14 full days following the purchase of a piece from our gallery. Purchases can be exchanged for goods or store credit only. No refunds will be issued.

    When returning a gallery purchase through the post, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs and the safe arrival of pieces. Exchanges can be made in the gallery at no charge.

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