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Oak Clock featuring original and unique Robert Ryan glass Art Panel
Hand crafted from ethically sourced oak.
Size approx height 31cm, width 20cm, depth 9cm
Each clock is hand made by Archie McDonald

Archie McDonald - Robert Ryan round inlay (GAP112)

  • Archie McDonald, born on the Isle of Bute, has been making things in wood for about 30 years.

    After studying holistic therapies and making bespoke portable therapy couches, Archie McDonald went on to study furniture design at James Watt College. For the last ten years Archie has been working as a picture framer and making clocks from my his workshop.

    Archie McDonald has always been drawn to the ethos and style of the Arts & Crafts movement, something he first became aware of from the music festival posters of the late sixties and early seventies which covered his bedroom walls as a young teenager.  Archie loved the fluid organic lines and natural earthy motifs, style and proportions, which he hopes comes across in his clock designs.

    Each clock is individually hand made from ethically sourced oak and  Claryl glass with less than 1% reflection in the clock faces.

    Robert Ryan is a contemporary Scottish artist specialising in glass art which is vibrant and exceptional. Every piece is totally unique, with Robert painstakingly applying copper wires, crushed gemstones and metal elements into each piece of glass.

  • Occasionally art appears different than expected in your space. This is why we have an exchange policy that lasts 14 full days following the purchase of a piece from our gallery. Purchases can be exchanged for goods or store credit only. No refunds will be issued.

    When returning a gallery purchase through the post, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs and the safe arrival of pieces. Exchanges can be made in the gallery at no charge.

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