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Brian Petrie Artist

Dronma - Scottish Painter

Contemporary Scottish Artist, Dronma stuied at Laurel Bank and the Glasgow School of Art before graduating in 1969. After studies at Jordanhill College of Education, and a period of teaching, Dronma moved to rural Stirlingshire where she kept goats, hens and bees whilst bringing up her family. Until April 2008 Dronma was a part time lecturer at Forth Valley College. She now devoted her time fully to her painting, and is a member of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists (GSWA). Awarded Scottish Amicable Award 2007 125th Anniversary Exhibition.


Painting is Dronma’s first love, and one of her earliest memories is of being given a stool and watercolour materials and sitting alongside her father learning to paint. Dronma decided to study sculpture at Art School. The sense of form which she developed at this time can still be seen in her paintings, and the sensuous sweeps and curves are reminiscent of the plasticity of clay.


Dronma’s vibrant landscapes have gained her a fine reputation amongst discerning buyers of contemporary Scottish Art, as a modern colourist. Her bold, vibrant style evokes the character in Scotland’s mountains and shores. The charged brush strokes don’t just depict the scenes, but conjure up the ever changing elements and the atmosphere of place.


Dronma has been a Tibetan Buddhist since 1976. Her unusual name is her Tibetan Buddhist name. Dronma understands the rewards of meditation. Her expressive landscapes may be wild and windswept, but they also gleam with her inner light. Her work has been exhibited all over the UK, and are in private collections world-wide. She recently took part in Primavera Art Rotterdam 2008, and is now also exhibiting in Vienna.


Dronma’s commissioned portraits are appreciated from the Outer Hebrides to New Delhi.

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