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Charlotte Brayley

Charlotte Brayley,: Scottish contemporary art, artist and paintings

Born in Yorkshire in 1982, Charlotte Brayley is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. She has exhibited throughout Scotland and her sculptures and paintings can be found in private collections throughout Canada and the USA. Whilst at the Glasgow School of Art, Brayley found fame spray-painting and camouflaging flocks of sheep against the big cats of Scotland.

Since then, she has become a media sensation, appearing on programmes such as Richard & Judy and GMTV, with various articles written about her worldwide, including the Honolulu Times.

Charlotte Brayley's work has been described as nostalgic with a sense of calm and purity of spirit and is influenced by illustrations from childrens books from the 1930′s – 60′s, nature, wildlife, horseracing and her vast menagerie at home.

Her pet sheep, lambs, dogs, donkeys and ponies all help her to create gentle, comical and often poignant work that evoke feelings of a by-gone era. Her racehorse paintings seem to portray a moment of beauty and stillness whilst still capturing the chaos and colour of the spectacle.

Charlotte Brayley Website

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