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Hand painted and dyed anodised aluminium earrings on Sterling Silver fish hook ear wires.
The jewellery is painted on both sides and filed and polished by hand for a beautiful finish.
Each piece is hand painted and one of a kind, therefore the print will vary slightly.

Lisa Marsella - Drop Circle Earrings

  • Lisa Marsella has a background in textiles and studied for her degree at London College of Fashion.  She worked as a textiles designer before discovering anodised aluminium and launching her career as a jeweller.  Her work can be found in many galleries and independent retailers throughout the UK.

    Lisa has a passion for colour and design which is reflected in her work.  Working with anodised aluminium allows her to be very creative and produce original, vibrant, colourful pieces.   Each stunning piece is one of a kind. 

    Lisa hand paints unsealed anodised aluminium with high quality aluminium inks before submerging the metal in hot dye baths to create interesting variations of colours and prints.  The metal is then steamed which permanently seals the colour.  Each piece is hand made in her studio where all designs are pierced then formed, filed, polished and constructed to a very high standard. 

    Lisa works with 1mm thick aluminium to create luxuriously smooth highly polished pieces.  All chains, earring hooks and studs are Sterling Silver and all jewellery is supplied in branded boxes.

  • Occasionally jewellery appears slightly different from the photo on the website. This is why we have an exchange policy that lasts 14 full days following the purchase of a piece from our gallery. Purchases can be exchanged for goods or store credit only. No refunds will be issued.

    When returning a gallery purchase through the post, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs and the safe arrival of pieces. Exchanges can be made in the gallery at no charge.

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