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Jon Jones

Indian Ink & Emulsion

20cm x 20cm image size

36cm x 36cm framed size  

Floating mount on charcoal with black frame

Jon Jones - Thomas Shelby SOLD

  • Figurative artist Jon has enjoyed sell-out success in both the UK and Australia.
    He has been shortlisted for several prestigious awards, including the BP Portrait Award hosted by the National Portrait Gallery in London.

    Jon is currently contracted to Castle Fine Art and Washington Green Publishers.


    Perplexing, humorous and melancholy, his work is created from the heart.
    With a background in fine art, sculpture and ceramics, he cites Rembrandt amongst his influences and enjoys scrutinising the technique behind a painting.
    For his latest project, he worked with the West Midlands Police Museum to explore the criminal underworld of 19th century Birmingham.
    His haunting paintings delve into the history of the infamous Peaky Blinders gang, made famous by the successful BBC series of the same name.

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