Chris Hawkins

Approx 24cm tall

Naked Raku ceramics.

'I use a white stoneware body to which molochite is added to help with the thermal shock. This is fired in an electric kiln to bisc at 1050ْc. The raku work is fired in various kilns built by myself and fired by propane to approx 1050ْc.'


Naked raku is a variation of the raku technique in which a slip is applied to the pot before it is placed in the raku kiln. The slip cracks and breaks apart during the firing and is chipped off after to reveal a blackened crackle pattern.

Chris Hawkins Ceramics - No9 Naked Raku (Slip Resist)

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  • CHRIS HAWKINS Artists Statement

    I started working with clay at the age of 16 & spent 2 years at Art College studying ceramics & jewellery.  I went on to be trained as a production thrower by Hugh West at West Pottery, this training provided me with the ability to work accurately and precisely with Clay. 

    Today I make one off thrown pieces which are fired using the raku process.  My main work consists of Copper Matt fumed pots and a range of white glazed and naked raku pieces.  

    The copper matt process is notoriously difficult to control and I have spent many years perfecting a recipe and firing process that enables me to consistently achieve strong vivid colours.  I push this process to it’s limits and sometimes will fire a piece several times to achieve the desired results.