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Individual hand created fused glass made by Ann Maitland of Dragonfly Dichroic.


Please note that each piece is handmade and as such may differ from the image shown here. Colour may also vary slightly.

Ann Maitland - Dragonfly Tall Curve

  • Ann Maitland makes a fantastic selection of hand-cut, fused glass items from sleek and simple jewellery to bright, colourful hangings, plates, box framed pictures and fish on driftwood.

  • Occasionally art appears different than expected in your space. This is why we have an exchange policy that lasts 14 full days following the purchase of a piece from our gallery. Purchases can be exchanged for goods or store credit only. No refunds will be issued.

    When returning a gallery purchase through the post, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs and the safe arrival of pieces. Exchanges can be made in the gallery at no charge.

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